About Us

The RSPCA Coventry and District Branch has been in existence since 1873 and we’ve been based at Brownshill Green Farm for 40 years. Our vision is a world where all animals are respected and treated with kindness and compassion and our mission is to ensure animals have a good life by rescuing and caring for those in need, by advocating on behalf of all animals and by inspiring everyone to treat them with compassion and respect.

Our Branch is an independent registered charity, separately funded from the National RSPCA. We receive no government funding. It costs around £40,000 per month to keep our Animal Centre open and our vets bills are often £1,000 a week, although this can dramatically increase if we have a poorly animal in our care. We rely on donations from the general public to fund our work.

Frequently asked questions

How are you funded?

We are funded from the generous donations, fundraising and Safe Haven sponsorships from the public. The Branch recieves gifts left in Will’s which provide crucial funds. We have 3 charity shops that fund our work, as well as our facebook auction page and ebay.

How many animals do you care for?

We have space for 45 dogs and 60 cats at our animal care, however we can care for more animals in foster care.

In 2021 we assisted 521 animals and we rehomed 105 dogs and 302 cats.

What is your adoption process?

Click here for our adoption process

What happens to animals who have been up for adoption for a long time?

We’re aware that some people believe we put animals to sleep after a specific time limit, but it’s absolutely not true. In fact, many animals that are part of prosecution cases can spend months or even years getting the TLC they need whilst perpetrators of cruelty are brought to justice. You won’t see any trace of these animals on our website or social media until a case has concluded and they’re legally ours to rehome, but they’re cared for by our amazing fosterers in their homes, or at our animal centre.

Many dog and cats have taken months of care, time and love to get them to a stage where they’re ready for a new family. We don’t give up on these animals, and we won’t.

Do you ever put an animal to sleep

Its a common misconception that the RSPCA put lots of animals to sleep. We will not euthanase a healthy, rehomeable animal.

We will euthanase an animal only if this is in the best interest of their welfare. This means preventing further suffering, whether that’s physical or mental, if they can’t be rehabilitated with a view to be rehomed.

If an animal can be rehabilitated and live a happy life, performing their natural behaviours, we’ll work hard to find them a home.

Click here for more information on our enthanasia policy.