Lost Pets

It can be very worrying if your pet is lost, but there are several things you can do.

Stray & Lost Dogs:

The Centre is not licenced to take in stray dogs, if you find one please take if to your local dog warden. 

Any stray dog that is brought to the centre we will scan for a microchip and try to reach the owner. If we are unable to reach the owner then we will take the dog to the dog warden. 

If you see a stray dog but are unable to get near it (Don’t ever put yourself in danger whilst trying to catch a dog) please contact the local council’s Dog Warden. The contact numbers (including out of hours) can be found on the council’s website. The link below is for the Coventry City Council Dog Warden site. 

Lost cat:

  • If you have a used litter tray or bedding, please put this outside as the smell can travel for a distance and help them find their way back if they are lost or disoriented.
  • Is your cat neutered? It is possible that if they aren’t they may have gone out to find a mate.
  • Ask neighbours to check in garages and sheds, some inquisitive cats may have done in to investigate and then been accidently shut in. 
  • Put up posts in the local area.
  • If you fear the worst may have happened contact the Street Services department at the local Council


Additional information:

Use the internet.

The RSPCA use a website called petslocated.com to register any stray animals that come into our care. The service is free to use if you wish to register a found animal, however there is a small charge if you wish to advertise your missing pet on the database. We ask everyone that has found an animal to post them on this website.


There are lots of lost and found groups in Coventry and the local areas on Facebook. Including our own please click here for the link to the page. Again we encourage anyone that has found at pet to put them on our page and as many other groups as they can. These groups have a high success rate for reuniting ost pets and their owners! 

Microchips & ID Tags:

Any animal that goes to a veterinary surgery, rescue centre or dog warden will be scanned for a microchip. If your pet is microchipped, please contact your microchip company to flag them as missing and to ensure that your contact details are up to date. If you do not know your pet’s microchip number have a look to see if it has been recorded on your pets vaccination card. You can also get the number from your vet and they will be able to tell you which microchip company the chip is registered with. 

Since April 2016 it has been a legal requirement that all dogs are microchipped, and it is also law that any dog in a public place must wear an ID tag with their keeper’s surname and address (including postcode) telephone numbers on tags are optional but it does help if a dog gets lose wearing it’s collar.

Create a good poster:

Putting up posters and sharing your lost pet on social media might seem basic, but it can be very effective. To make your posters as helpful as possible, you should ideally include:

  • The name, gender, age, colour of the pet and any identifying features
  • The exact location where they went missing (including postcode)
  • If they are microchipped or not
  • If they are neutered (spayed/castrated) or not
  • The exact date that they were last seen
  • More than one telephone number to contact
  • A recent clear photo

We would also encourage you to speak to all your neighbours, local vets and other rescue centres in case they have seen your pet. 

Opening Hours

You should not attend the centre without an appointment.


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